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Truly Exquisite In Every Way

Dale was the first person I met with when I decided to shop for a vintage engagement ring for my girlfriend. After meeting with Dale, I was immediately impressed but decided to comparison shop at several other places, just to be sure. Let me say that none of the people or places I visited after Dale was able to match the pleasure, warmth, and no-pressure style that Dale offered - and her selection is second to none. If you are looking for something truly unique for someone truly special and looking for someone to give you top notch service, give Dale a call. Dale had infinite patience and gave me the confidence to make the right choice for this very important decision. I was working with a limited budget range and Dale helped me to find something truly amazing well within my budget range. At no point did she pressure me to spend outside my budget range. When it came time to make the actual purchase, Dale came to my office to personally deliver the ring. Top notch service. If you are in the market for a vintage or antique engagement ring, do yourself a favor and see Dale first for the best selection and service - she will guarantee that this special time is a truly memorable experience. -danmonty

The most beautiful engagement ring

If you've come this far in researching Dale's offerings I say look no further. I am the very lucky recipient of an antique engagement ring that my soon-to-husband selected through his typical obsessive research. I am beyond lucky that his research led him to Dale. My ring is perhaps the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. It is unique and special and I've never seen anything similar to it anywhere. I receive compliments on it all day long with the most typical comments being "that's so you" and "it's so unique". Dale was so easy to deal with when I went to have my ring sized. It was like meeting with an old friend.

Everytime I look at my ring I'm reminded of how much thought went into the selection of it. And of how unique and special it is. We'll be back to Dale again and again. -carrieep

Amazing Antique Engagement Ring Resource
Dale Fournier made looking for an antique engagement ring such an enjoyable process. I happened upon her Web site just by searching online, but it was absolutely meant to be. Within two weeks, my fiance and I selected an incredible engagement ring from the early 1920s. Dale is keenly attuned to her customers and somehow knows exactly which jewelry to showcase.
Dale responds to emails promptly and brings a wealth of knowledge about her pieces to the table. I can't tell enough people about Dale and I've shared her site with many friends. We intend to return to Dale to purchase our wedding bands. -Jessilou

Beautiful Engagement Rings Made Easy
I am a fairly typical NY guy with a touch of commitment phobia, who feels that the diamond industry is salivating to rip you off, and lives in city where women measure love on the 4-C index. As you would imagine, there was a lot of anxiety when it came time to get engaged. Dale came to my rescue! She listened carefully, presented a variety of options (modern, traditional and antique) and we narrowed the set to a few really beautiful rings to present to my fiancé. My fiancé chose one that she loves and everyone raves about (which seems to be important to the wearer). Anecdotally, while on vacation, we wondered into a high-end designer jewelry store in Tokyo and my fiancé said that the sales woman could not take her eyes off her ring. Dale made it all happen................and shhhh, it came in under budget! -Salsero1

Fabulous. Intuitive. Patient. Trustworthy.

These are just a few words that jump to mind when I contemplate my experience with Dale. As my husband and I searched for the perfect wedding ring, she acted as one part jewelry guru and one part psychologist, listening intently to all that we said...and, more importantly, to all that went unsaid. When she sensed that I wasn't truly happy with the ring I was about to go with, she was able to gently guide me back to the path she sensed I wanted to be on, but couldn't find on my own. The result is that today, whenever I look down at my ring finger, I feel thrilled and blessed - not just by the ring, but by the journey that it took to get there.

Dale truly went above and beyond in every respect - she is a true gem herself! -llebleu

True beauty and a gift for service
Dale Fournier has an eye for true, eternal beauty, and nearly psychic intuition when it comes to envisioning the perfect ring on your finger. I've never met any jeweler who could provide this kind of personal service. She has a gift for understanding her customer's deepest desire. -Chiara LaMonica

I went to Dale for help in finding an anniversary ring for my 20th wedding anniversary. I knew I wanted a ring but had not specifically indentified the ring I wanted. Dale found the most amazing array of anniversary bands for me to pick from and was extremely patient in guiding me through my decision. The ring that my husband and I bought is stunning and I could not be happier. I really think I got the perfect anniversary ring and I am so thrilled with it. -Tania Kleckner

I wanted a right hand ring and with Dale, I got my fantasy piece. I had been to the usual places and nothing really knocked me out. Then a friend told me about Dale. She has her own collection and if you don't see your exact match, she finds it for you. She has the contacts, the patience and the eye. She went out of her way for me. I highly recommend Dale. You can trust her to get it right -- And I got it for a really reasonable price. -msuptowngirl

Dale Fournier Private Collection is the best of the best ! This was by far the most wonderful experience I have ever had buying jewelry. Dale has tremendous patience and an expert eye for detail and she found an amazing, unique, beautiful ring for me. I will cherish it forever and I will never buy jewelry anywhere else! Thank you Dale! -dmsenna

Dale's collections are absolutely beautiful. My husband worked with Dale and selected a beautiful ring for our anniversary. Her customer service is outstanding and you would not believe the compliments I get on my ring. I would highly recommend Dale to anyone looking to buy a customized new or antique piece of jewelry. -GM

I wanted to buy a nice piece of jewelry for my mother's bday but didn't want anything that everyone else had. That's why I contacted Dale Fournier. She had some amazing, interesting and one-of-a-kind pieces in her collection that were so beautiful. Dale is so consultative, sweet and really listens to the type of pieces you are looking for and not like other jewelers who are so pushy and aggrssive. The best part of it all is that no one else will have the same piece, the gorgeous ring that I bought for my mother. I'm sending my boyfriend to Dale Fournier for the engagement ring! -Nerak1