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“Nothing gives me more pleasure than to help a woman discover that special antique jewel she had always hoped to possess.”

—Dale Fournier

Dale Fournier Private Collection offers only the exquisite in antique engagement rings and antique and vintage jewelry, as well as elegant new designs inspired by the past.

In addition to antique engagement rings, The Collection includes necklaces, and earrings – all romantic, delicate and distinctive.

Each piece is a unique treasure, reflecting the timeless beauty of the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco periods.

Booking an appointment with Dale means she will assist you in finding an extraordinary jewel, that speaks to your sensibility and defines your personal style, or create that individual piece that is yours and yours alone.

Dale Fournier Private Collection offers:

- Honest and helpful one on one service.
- A relaxing environment
- the piece unique to you that tells your story, whether vintage or a creation of your design

There is a unique collection to choose from, and each antique and period jewel is fairly priced.

Ask for an appointment and you'll enjoy a highly personalized consultation, guided by her expert eye.

Dale also offers assistance in designing custom jewelry with contemporary cut diamonds and special gemstones.

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